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Our Blends

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La Sirena
Mexican Mermaid

In May 2019 the limited edition cigar of the La Sirena Aniversario Especial celebrated the company's 10th anniversary. The success of the limited edition cigar inspired the new Mexican Mermaid. The blend is highlighted by a 5-year-old Mexican San Andrés wrapper sitting atop a Mexican San Andrés binder and a filler blend that includes tobaccos from Mexico and the Dominican Republic. The Mexican Mermaid is available in three distinct vitolas and wears an updated band design featuring the original La Sirena band with the colors of the Mexican flag.

STRENGTH: Medium Plus


WRAPPER: Mexican San Andrés

BINDER: Mexican San Andrés

FILLER: Mexico and Dominican Republic


Robusto (5 x 50)

Toro Box Pressed (5/34 x 54)

Lancero (6.5 x 42)

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La Sirena
Aniversario Especial

La Sirena Cigars celebrated its 10th anniversary in May 2019 with the release of a new limited edition cigar, the La Sirena Aniversario Especial. The blend is highlighted by a 10-year-old Mexican San Andrés Negro wrapper sits atop a Mexican San Andrés criollo 98 binder and a filler blend that includes tobaccos from Mexico, Brazil, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. The La Sirena Aniversario Especial is being released in a single 5 3/4 x 54 robusto extra vitola that gets a soft box press and wears a new band design featuring a mermaid with the letters AFD in her tail, a nod to Arielle Ditkowich’s initials.


RATINGS: 95 Cigars & Spirits

WRAPPER: Mexican San Andrés Negro

BINDER: Mexican San Andrés criollo 98

FILLER: Mexico, Brazil, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic


Aniversario Especial 10th Anniversary Edition

(5 3/4 x 54)

Rated 91
Cigar Aficionado 
La Sirena Aniversario Especial.jpeg

La Sirena Original

The La Sirena Original originates out of Erik Espinosa’s La Zona Factory. Blended with a rare Nicaraguan Habano Oscuro wrapper, one of the three ligero leaf fillers utilizes Erik Espinosa’s “magic leaf”, which adds a layer of creamy complexity.


RATINGS: Cigar Aficionado - 91

WRAPPER: Nicaraguan Habano Oscuro

BINDER: Nicaraguan Criollo

FILLER: Nicaraguan Jalapa & Condega


Sea Sprite -  Corona (5.5 x 42)

The Prince - Robusto  (5 x 50)

Trident - Churchill  (7 x 50)

Divine - Belicoso  (5.5 x 52)

King Poseidon - Gran Toron (6 x 60)

10ct Box Pressed Lancero  (7 x 42)

La Sirena Original-LT

Made at Plasencia’s El Paraiso factory in Honduras. Featuring an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, Nicaraguan habano binder and Dominican, Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers. If you are thinking that this is just another mild Connecticut shade cigar, you’d be mistaken. Yes, there is the sweet, slight bready/wheaty flavor from the wrapper, but there is a richness to this cigar.


RATINGS: Cigar & Spirits - #1 Light Cigar 2017

WRAPPER: Ecuadorian Connecticut

BINDER: Nicaraguan

FILLER: Nicaraguan Honduran


Robusto  (5 x 50)

Toro  (6 x 52)

Double Corona  (7.5 x 52)

Gran Toro  (6 x 60)


La Sirena Merlion

Rolled at the La Aurora Cigar Factory in the Dominican Republic, the Merlion is made up of six types of tobacco. An Ecuadorian Corojo wrapper and Brazilian Sumatran-seed binder surround Brazilian Bahia, Dominican Criollo, Dominican Corojo and Nicaraguan Ligero filler. This blend gives it just the right mix of strength and flavor that La Sirena is known for.​

STRENGTH: Medium - Full

RATINGS: Cigar Aficionado - 90, Cigar Snob 91

WRAPPER: Ecuadorian Connecticut

BINDER: Nicaraguan

FILLER: Nicaraguan Honduran


Robusto  (5 x 50)

Toro  (5.5 x 54)

Gran Toro  (6 x 58)

La Sirena

Merlion Maduro

The Merlion, a mermaid/lion hybrid, is a Maduro, produced at the La Aurora Cigar Factory in the Dominican Republic. For the maduro version, the original Merlion’s Ecuadorian Corojo wrapper has been swapped out for a Mexican San Andrés maduro leaf, while the Brazilian Sumatra binder and Brazilian, Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers remain the same. A complex blend of creamy sweetness and peppery strength. 


RATINGS: Cigar Review 8.9

WRAPPER: Mexico (San Andres)

BINDER: Brazil (Sumatra)

FILLER: Brazil, Dominican Republic & Nicaragua


Robusto  (5 x 50)

Toro  (5.5 x 54)

Gran Toro  (6 x 58)


La Sirena

Oceano is blended at the Quesada’s MATASA factory in the Dominican Republic. It has a classic Cuban triple cap, light veins, and a muted oily sheen on the Habano wrapper.​


RATINGS: Cigar Aficionado - 90+, Cigar Snob 90+

WRAPPER: Ecuadorian Corojo

BINDER: Brazil

FILLER: Ecuadorian Corojo


Southern - Corona  (5 x 43)

Indian - Robusto  (5.5 x 50)

Atlantic - Super Belicoso  (7 x 52)

Pacific - Gran Toro  (6 x 65)

Arctic - Limited Perfecto  (5 x 38 x 58 x44)

La Sirena Porthole

A limited edition group of three cigars in the line blended specially for brick and mortars. At the heart of all three sizes are specially selected Nicaraguan long-fillers and binder with two sizes sharing the same blend and the third size using a different wrapper, produced by La Zona Cigar Factory in Nicaragua.


WRAPPER: Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro

BINDER: Nicaragua

FILLER: Nicaragua


Oscuro Gordo  (6 1/8 x 58)
Oscuro Corona  (4 x 42)

Connecticut Toro  (6 x 52)


Our Story

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In 2009, La Sirena Cigars was started by Arielle Ditkowich after a successful collaboration with Nestor Miranda and Miami Cigars & Co. Today La Sirena continues to be requested at many tobacconists nationwide rolled and sourced by Erik Espinosa’s La Zona Factory (La Sirena -Original), Plasencia’s El Paraiso factory in Honduras (La Sirena LT), La Aurora Cigar Factory in the Dominican Republic (Merlion & Merlion Maduro) and Quesada’s MATASA factory in the Dominican Republic (Oceano) and more recently the Aniversario Especial 10th Anniversary limited edition vitola by Nueva Matacapan de Tabacos S.A. de C.V., Casa Turrent’s factory in San Andrés, Mexico.  La Sirena brand cigars are distributed nationwide and available at over 300 retail stores.

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